Access your Health and Care Record securely online

provided in partnership with the NHS App and Patients Know Best (PKB). It’s part of our promise and on-going commitment to give you more choice and control over your care.


Features you will be able to access in time as part of this service include:

       view GP letters and appointments

       see your GP Record, certain test results, details of any allergies and current or previous medications

       the ability to self-monitor, track symptoms and test results 

       a library of local information resources to help manage your condition(s)

       attach medical and fitness devices to pull information into your app without having to re-enter your information


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To find out more about your Notts NHS App – Personal Health and Care Record or to understand how your data is protected, <span style="font-size:12.0pt;font-family:" arial;color:#1155cc"="">click here to be redirected to the Notts NHS App website.


You may also like to read some Frequently Asked Questions.


Patients Know Best Privacy Notice


·         Patients Know Best (PKB) is a system that provides you and the people supporting your care (if you choose to) with information about your health and care. It also means you can communicate securely with those involved in your care in any various NHS and social care settings. It is a personal health and care record which you can access on your computer, smartphone, tablet or any device that has an internet connection.

·         In order to provide you with information about your care and support you by delivering the best possible service, the practice will share data with Patients Know Best in order for you to be able to access and view it.  The data which is shared with Patients Know Best will be things like demographics (name, address, DoB and NHS number) as well as information such as medications and appointments, this allows you to view the key information about yourself and share (if you choose to) with others such as family, carers or other health professionals.

·         The system operates for your benefit and is a patient-owned medical records and communication system, which enables you to allow others to discuss your health and treatment. This can include medical staff, friends, family and anyone with an email address involved in your health care, such as a social worker or carer.  Your information will not be shared with people (i.e. family, carers)  unless you have asked for it to be shared with them, and, will not be shared with health and care professionals involved in your care if you have chosen for it not to be.

·         You can at any time change who has access to your records. This may have an impact on the services or care you receive, but the practice will be able to explain this in greater detail.

·         Patients Know Best is covered by the Data Protection Act and operates within strict NHS security standards.

You can now book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and see a summary of your medical records online.

Click here to be forwarded to the SystmOnline login page.

* Please note the prescriptions online will only be repeat medication not acute items.


How to register for Online Services

To get online access pop into the medical centre with 2 forms of ID (at least one with a photograph and one with your current address) and ask for the Online Access form and once filled out we can register you on the system.

Alternatively you can print the form below and bring it into surgery already filled in with your 2 forms of ID ready to be photocopied by our reception team.

Please note:

Choosing to share your information with someone

It's up to you whether or not you share your information with others - perhaps family members or carers. It's your choice, but also your responsibility to keep the information safe and secure. 

You can allow proxy access to another patients account by filling out the proxy access form below and handing it in with the required ID. Please note that in order to allow proxy access both the patient and the person with the access must be registered at Skegby Family Medical Centre .

SystmOnline App

There is now a free SystmOnline app that is available on Apple and Android devices.

The app allows patients to manage aspects of their healthcare all from one place and offers much of the smae functionalities as the online service.

In addition the app can also;


Online Access Registration Form

Online Proxy Access Form

Additional Information

SystmOnline App for Apple devices

SystmOnline App for Android devices